I know many pet owners wonder if the 10 Kitten Care Guidelines are compatible.

1. When your kitten arrives at home:

For instance be prepared by having a food and water spot already set up. I would also say have a litter box setup in a quite spot away from the food.

2. Going Outside:

Before letting your kitten outside for the first time be sure it is comfortable with you and its surrounding. I know my feline uses a pet door and it has save them a few times..

10 Kitten Care Guidelines

3. Litter Boxes:

If you are using a cat box it should be cleaned daily. I would put the litter box in a place where the kitten will not be disturbed.

4. Food and water:

Besides your feline should always have a supply of fresh food and water. I prefer to use a heavy ceramic bowl.

5. Scratching Posts:

For example rubbing a bit of cat nip on the scratching post will encourage your feline to scratch.

6. Pet Toys:

I know there are many different kitty toys on the market these days it is hard to choose a toy.

7. Sleeping Places:

Most importantly a pet kitten always needs a quiet, out of the way place to sleep the day away.

8. Care for eyes:

In addition when kittens get a build up of discharge around the eye simply clean it with a damp cloth.

9. Care for the claws:

Therefore an inside feline has far less need for its claws. I would trim your cats claws once or twice a year.

10. Care of the teeth:

Check your pet cats mouth every 6 or 8 weeks. Find and remove and calcium build up.

By following these 10 Kitten Care Guidelines can live a long and healthy life.