I know many feline breeders would tell you their is nothing like A Kitten’s Life. I would consider myself to be a lover of all animals. For example I would definitely classify myself as a cat person. I’m sure this stems from the fact that my childhood was a cat that lived a loving 17 years. It just seemed natural that I would look towards the felines once I was ready to have pets of my own.

The Best Kitten Cat Tower

Best of all one of the vets brought along two furry kittens that I had come to know and love. In other words an all-white male Scottish Fold, and Cali, a female Calico. It was great having these four-legged critters sharing space with us. I would say they naturally gravitated towards the master’s bedroom. Besides since we had so much space in our house. I decided to get a kitten of my own and introduced Betty to the mix. In a four-bedroom home, there was plenty of space for the elders to escape the psycho kitten. Therefore Betty’s assimilation into the household was (mostly) smooth sailing.

I know as with most roommate situations, there came a time for us to move on with our lives. Firstly Ghöst and Cali’s owner was the first to depart, but the cats weren’t going with him. For example he moved out with his girlfriend and claimed he could not have pets at his new place. I knew that was just a cover-up story for his mate’s desire not to have them. I gladly volunteered to take over kitty care. Above all else wasn’t that big a stretch since I did most of the maintenance in the first place. I know many vets in the world would tell you A Kitten’s Life is a very special one.