I know the thrill a rabbit as your own pet can bring to a new rabbit owner. For instance rabbits are one of the most popular pets, apart from dogs. I would say they look attractive, lovely, gentle, friendly and cute. For example they are easy to take care and undemanding in terms of care and housing. In addition they will settle well either indoor or outdoor, at home. I know there are 40 species of rabbits and hares worldwide. Best of all domesticated rabbits are originated from European rabbits. Most importantly the scientific name for domestic pet rabbit is Oryctolagus cuniculus.


A Rabbit As Your Own Pets


In addition domesticated pet rabbits weigh between 12-21lb. For instance the domesticated rabbits can be fed on commercially produced rabbit food, pellets, hay, green food, and apple. I would say the gestation period of a rabbit is 31 days and the typical litter size ranges from 6-8 young. Best of all the lifespan varies with breed. I know keeping a rabbit as pet requires a good training system to prevent unnecessary destructions or hassle. For example, furniture and carpet chewing, pseudo pregnancy symptoms, litter problems, fights, behavioral problems.

I would say these challenges can be overcome when the animal owners have the knowledge and experience to deal with them. In addition the recommended ways to acquire the important knowledge is to read widely and practical information with experienced pet owners.

It is important to watch out for any abnormalities in your rabbits and are susceptible to various digestive ailments. For this reason you must keep a eye out for other life-threatening diseases. For example, rabbits are vulnerable to myxomatosis and VHD viruses. I would say these are the killer viruses that can effect your pet. I know the thrill a rabbit as your own pet can bring.