The Roverpet Canine Mission

For instance, Roverpet mission is dedicated to providing the most comfortable, safe, and well-designed indoor & outdoor canine products available worldwide. In addition, safe and environmentally friendly pet products will always be hand crafted in the USA. For example, designed to meet the high expectations of dedicated pet owners everywhere. I will say its our personal mission to have you 100% satisfied with our products with a level of customer service unsurpassed in the industry.

The Roverpet Canine Mission for Plastic Tall Dog Gates are designed to keep your pets safe, and out of trouble. Our plastic tall indoor tall pet dog gates are simple to install. The pet kitten gate opens with just a pull, swinging completely clear of the doorway. Once installed, it takes only seconds to remove the puppy pooch gate for storage or to use in doorway. In addition our world’s tallest cat gates & dog gate can be configured.

In addition the Roverpet Dog Crates and Dog Pens are made entirely of PVC with a 3/4″ inch spacing between the vertical bars. Above all else this heavy-duty industrial strength plastic is far superior to any other material used to make dog crate and pooch pens. I know you will be amazed how strong & durable our pet enclosures are, and surprised at their light weight. In addition, Roverpet’s uniquely engineered dog kennel and puppy playpen offer unmatched strength.


plastic tall pet gates



  • Manufactured and Assembled in the USA
  • Lightweight, Durable and Portable
  • Won’t rust, rot, peel, flake, splinter or hold odor
  • The frame is waterproof and long lasting design
  • Warm and cozy Simulated Sheepskin Furry Pad that is washable
  • Full 360 degree air circulation to help prevent coat matting and skin irritation
  • Fabric won’t hold or sustain fleas, moisture, or odor
  • Patented, Orthopedic Design, Veterinarian & Shelter Approved



Quality your pet deserves.