I know some pet owners struggle with aging feline cat at home. I would say you will have to supplement in order to provide them proper nutrition. For instance their energy needs may stay the same, but a cat’s ability to absorb fat changes. In addition a feline in it’s senior years will need more protein than other kittens of different ages. Besides kibble, fortified with more vitamins and antioxidants, should be available for senior cats.

Aging Feline Cat At Home

Therefore felines become much more vulnerable to disease, as their immune system weakens. I would say a cat’s diet should reflect that change and be altered to provide more of a defense. For instance they need to increase their Omega-3 fatty acid intake due to a form of cancer. Best of all maybe they need a soft gentle food due to an oral disease. I know a checkup is necessary to establish the proper plan for your cat’s dietary needs. Most importantly to help keep your feline healthy throughout it’s later years. In addition a checkup is very important.

For example the same checkup your cat received as a kitten will not be the same. Because bodies and chemical structure, just as with humans, change. I know your own health at sixty is certainly not the same as your health as a newborn. Firstly a lot of elderly felines have difficulty eating. In addition they may go several days without eating entirely. Therefore you’re likely to find that your cat has become rather finicky to the taste of food. I would try warming cat food in the microwave, or adding juice or gravy to the food. Above all else you can get the kitty to the vet for a check up. I know some kitty owners struggle with aging feline cat at home.