I know some of you wonder why they have Amazing Puppy Dog Noses and cats don’t. I would also ponder why dogs have noses that are wet? For example fluid from the lateral glands in a dog’s nose lubricates the outsides of nostrils.  For instance the nose stays wet because your dog is always licking it. Therefore a moist canine nose has generally been considered a healthy nose. For example, if a dog falls asleep in a hot place, his nose may be dry up. I know once the puppy cools down and has a little the nose will soon look wet again.

Amazing Puppy Dog Noses

For that reason a dog who suffers from distemper early in life may have a perpetually dry nose. I would say cold normally goes along with wet, which I heard has something to do with convection cooling. For instance if a dog’s nose dries out (see above), it will feel warm to the touch. I know this is OK, as long as the puppy dogs nose gets wet again. I would say however, a chronically dry nose could be sign of illness and be seen by a vet.

Best of all dogs have traditionally been used for tracking, search and pet rescue due to their keen sense of smell. I know a dog’s sense of smell is about 40,000 times better than ours, and that’s not all. For example you can’t throw a dog off by “covering up” one smell with another. In addition a study was done in which a number of different objects were sprayed with skunk odor. Above all else the trained tracking dogs were still able to distinguish the objects from each other. I would say so forget about trying to fool the Amazing Puppy Dog Noses in the urban city setting.