I know animal owners wonder how aromatherapy for pet cats can help them. Besides pets can enjoy the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy as much as humans can. I would say aside from possibly eliminating bad odors and giving your pet a pleasant perfume. I know essential oils also serve many practical functions such as boosting your kittens immune system. Above all else fighting off bacteria, preventing the growth of yeasts and molds and repelling insects.

I would say skin inflammations, itchy skin ear infections, rashes, bad breath, flatulence. Besides certain oils also have a calming or relaxing effect on animals. For example lavender oil not only helps kitties repel insects but it also makes them feel sleepy or content.  I know roman chamomile
can be used to treat an ear infection as well as soothe the nerves of a dog.

Most importantly before you attempt to use aromatherapy on your own pet kittens. Above all else about one ounce of the base oil combined with two drops of the essential oil for your pet cat. I know the financial outlay for kitty cat beds is low. I know essential oils can also be diluted in a spray bottle and misted onto the kittens bedding. Besides simply dilute a few drops in distilled water or you can use a mixture.  I know animal owners wonder how aromatherapy for pet cats can help them.

I know sometimes your stubborn kitty cat can really get on your nerves. In addition when training a cat for behaviors there are some things you need to take into consideration. For instance you will want to start training your cat or kitten almost immediately after you get them.  For example there are also medications that a vet can prescribe for the feline kitty to help ticks.

Aromatherapy for Pet Cats