I will say most pet owners are trying to figure out the best sleeping positions for their kitten. Best of all there is more to your pet’s sleeping positions than meets the eye. It has been said that sleeping on their backside is telling you something about their personality. If you ever are concerned about the way your pet sleeps, most kitty vets will tell you don’t worry. For instance, we spoke with a cat behavior consultant and the School of Feline Veterinary. They have done years of studies on this particular concern for pet parents.


Best Kitten Sleeping Positions


I have seen my cat’s front and back paws tucked underneath their body, in a deep sleep. For example, I have seen their tail wrapped around, and their head in the upright position. I would say when your feline transforms into a perfect sense of harmony, it indicates relaxation. Most importantly in the “loaf” position lets your feline spring into action. I know a popular position, refers to kitties who sleep curled into a tight ball. Best of all they like their head tucked into their body & their tail wrapped around them.

 I have heard some local kitty cat vets say this is a common position seen among them in the wild. For instance, it calls to mind your cat’s natural instinct to protect vulnerable body parts. In addition when a feline sleep on their side with legs outstretched, it usually means trust. It shows that they feel safe to let their guard down & a comfortable bond with their kitty owner. For example, they can sleep in lots of different positions based on cold. They assume certain sleeping positions based on temperature hot or cold. I will say most cat owners are trying to figure out the best sleeping positions for their kitten.