A veteran cat owner will tell you that cats *do* “bond” with humans, but only particular humans, and will actually “choose” a person in the household to bond with.

For example, the kitty you picked out for yourself might
bond with your roommate instead of you. You’ll find this out
when you are sitting in the room and want your cat to jump up
on your lap and instead discover that your kitty has snuggled
up to your roommate instead.

There’s no real explanation for why a cat chooses a
particular person to bond to … sometimes it’s their voice,
their mannerisms … or perhaps it’s just the way they “handle”
the cat. It could be that the person is more gentle,
or maybe a little more forceful (sometimes older male cats
will “take” to men and not women, and vice versa for females).

Then there’s the interesting notion that cats are psychic
… that they bond to a particular individual because the
person gives off a psychic “aura” that is compatible with the
cat. And, vice versa, the cat will avoid a person who gives
off “bad vibes”.

There are many people who have owned cats that will attest
to this.

There’s no real data to prove that
cats attach themselves to humans for reasons beyond physical
survival, but cat owners know…cats do form affection for
individual humans, and sometimes for reasons that just aren’t
explainable in human terms.