I know some animal owners struggle with how to deal with Canine Pet Dog & Kids at Home. Best of all dogs and kids are what memories are made of. Most importantly it’s what childhood dreams are made of when you get a rescue puppy. I know how can you ensure that your child and Man’s Best Friend have a loving and safe relationship. It’s the responsibility of the pet owner of the house to teach children that a dog is not a toy. Therefore it’s a living, breathing creature that feels pain, love, and happiness. I would say if a dog that bites a child may only be defending itself the only way it knows how.

Canine Pet Dog & Kids at Home

I wouldn’t reach for a dog’s head the first time they meet the animal shelter puppy. Therefore don’t excessively rough house around the canine rescue. I wouldn’t look a dog straight in the eyes. For example it could be seen as a threat or challenge by the rescue pet. I wouldn’t run up frantically to a dog. In addition it may react fearfully and defend itself and bite at the child’s face. For instance don’t scream loudly at a rescue pooch. Above all else it could stress it out and causing an aggressive response.

I would not hit, kick, slap, ride, or tease the pet dog in any manner. I would show the child HOW TO POSITIVELY interact and pet the dog under direct supervision. Most importantly show the child how to be a junior dog trainer, and get the dog to sit with a treat. I would only give the dog attention when the child is receiving attention, makes a better association with the child. I know some puppy owners struggle with how to deal with Canine Pet Dog & Kids at Home.