I know new puppy owners can struggle with Care for a New Pet Dog. For instance bringing home that cute puppy from the best breeder after doing all that research. In addition you found the most adorable “mutt” at the animal shelter. For example now you realize that you weren’t as prepared as you thought. Besides you’re planning in advance for the new bundle of joy. Either way, we’ll give you some valuable tips we’ve learned over the years.

Care for a New Pet Dog

For instance learn as much as possible about potty training. I would say especially when you step in their deposits at 3 a.m. in the pitch black. Most importantly you should buy the smallest bag of puppy chow you can find. In addition your canine cage will hate the first one, and the second one. Buying small will help you overcome the horror of the money you’ve just spent on the 7th brand of dog food. I would say at the very least to a swimsuit before bathing your dog. You WILL BE WET. No way to avoid it, even in a 2 foot deep sunken bathtub.

You should prepare yourself for the fact that the pooch toy you thought was SO COOL in the pet store. In addition it will be sniffed and promptly ignored until the end of time. Your dog will only like the puppy toys that will drive you the most crazy. For example that gorgeous pet bed you bought? Yeah, the dog will rarely, if ever use it. Preferred dog beds in this house? Canine couches, puppy blankets dragged to the floor, puppy cot, pet furniture. In addition our canine bed, preferably leaving as little room as possible for the humans. I know new canine owners can struggle with Care for a New Pet Dog.