I know many pet owners ponder caring for your dog at home. I would try and avoid sudden loud noises such as children screaming or doors slamming. For instance limit the visitors your new puppy has – gradually allowing it to get used to strange faces. In addition provide a warm comfortable pet bed, or a washable blanket. Place the puppy’s bed where you want it to sleep as an adult dog. For the first few nights – settling period – a fluffy toy and a warm bedding will help.

Therefore a puppy may be noisy and stresses at night immediately after separation from its littermates. In addition the newest member of the ‘family pack’ must learn that you are the pack leader. Firstly once the puppy recognizes its place in the family hierarchy it will be happier.

Most importantly puppies love to play and this helps them to grow and learn. In the early days when they play among their littermates. It gives them exercise and is the way in which they compete for their order in the pack. For instance in these early stages that your puppy learns that family members are dominant. This need is easily satisfied with chewable objects and pet toys. I would say a dog leash is ideal for a puppy, in this way you can’t force the puppy to over exercise.

I know dogs also need exercise and play – walking a dog everyday is great. For example if everyday is too hard to manage, try at least four times a week. I would get your new dog used to being groomed, handled and examined as soon as possible.  Therefore if you are not confident with this process ask your vet or a dog groomer. I know many canine owners ponder caring for your dog at home.

Caring For Your Dog at Home