I know it’s important that they have the Cat Facts For The Family in every home. For instance felines are highly territorial and domesticated cat’s territory encompasses is the house. In addition outside cats intermingle we see eight felines in our backyard every day as they make their rounds. For example only one is ours–there’s lots of neat feline entertainment stuff in our yard. I know the human equivalent of the kittens ability to leap would be jumping the width of a swimming pool.

Cat Facts For The Family

For instance a healthy cat spends 15% of its life in deep sleep, 50% in light sleep, and 30% awake. I’ve noticed that part of this wake time coincides with the human’s sleep time. I would say this why our Dagney wakes me up about 2 a.m. every morning purring. Besides cats attain full alertness faster than any other creature. Most importantly adult felines lack the enzymes necessary to digest milk. If you must give your feline milk, be sure to give them only a couple teaspoons. I know too much milk definitely gives them gas and sometimes diarrhea. It’s good to coordinate the milk-giving ceremony with your partner or family.

Besides cats are color blind, but only need 1/6th of the light that humans require to see. I know cats have five toes on their front paws and four on their back. For example Hemingway cats were named after Ernest Hemingway who shared his home island with nearly 50 cats. Above all else a 6-toed polydactyl given to him by a ship captain. For this purpose the animals bred and the polydactyl trait became common. In addition Hemingway’s colony of famous felines were free-breeding with the cat population. If need be a feline breeder can help you with the Cat Facts For The Family.