I know many feline owners wonder how to cats celebrate Christmas at home. I opened my eyes for just a second. Therefore on the wall, right above my dresser, was an angel, not really an angel, but an image. It seemed to float on the wall, green in color. If you looked long and hard enough, you really could make out the image of an angel. Besides I turned around to tell her about the kitten image, shaking her some more. I wondered what is over there?

For instance I could not seem to wake her. Most importantly I was turning back, I just stared at the angel. maybe my luck is changing. I really have a pet guardian angel that looks out for me, maybe. Above all else I suddenly I let out a scream like a kitty cat. In addition a hand appeared over the angel, pet claws extended, and ripped the poor thing apart. I started shaking uncontrollably and I could not get a grip on myself.

Therefore “What going on?” she asks, and in the back ground I hear laughing. I would go on to ask “What’s so funny”, I asked ? For this reason “You are! What a moron .. angels, ha!” In other words little buddy, how do you explain it?” Best of all then suddenly pointed back to the wall, “Look on the wall, lookie.” I looked, and there was not a shape of a pumpkin! It was blue! “WOW” I said, What is going on? I would say the kitty claw is reaching out, getting nearer to the pumpkin until it reached it and destroyed it. If you want to find out what is happening, look at the bedroom window. I know many kitty owners wonder how to cats celebrate Christmas at home.

Cats Celebrate Christmas at Home