I know some long time kitty vets believe cats do really smile for us in their own way. It has been said that felines don’t smile by showing their teeth. For instance, kittens really don’t turn up the corners of their mouths. I will say feline behaviors such as purring truly means your four-legged feline pet is happy. In addition, kneading is a reliable way of telling us a kitten is happy today. For instance, an open mouth with upturned corners may mean joy to us. Most importantly cats can signal fear from time to time also.


Cat Do Really Smile


I would say there are many ways to learn a felines body language and facial expressions. I know purring is a sign of happiness and contentment in a kitten. Best of all a pet kitty who is giving or receiving attention may has just eaten. I will say when a kitten is settling in for a nap it will purr to express contentment. In addition some local pet vets think purring isn’t always a sign of happiness. Most importantly some felines will also purr when they aren’t feeling good or are scared. It’s usually easy to make this distinction once you have been around them.

For example, happy kitty behavior that you can take part in can be fun. I know at Roverpet some of our kitties like bunting its simply when a kitty gives you a little head-butt. They are marking you as their territory with the scent glands that live just in front of their ears. Best of all kneading, is an instinctive action that cats carry with them from birth. In addition, kittens, kneading helps to stimulate milk production from mom. I know some local feline vets believe older cats do really smile for us in their own way.