I know most kitten owners can’t figure out why cats love Christmas at home so much. I was told that my mom and dad really worked hard to make the Christmas season special kitten and me. Besides when I think of the season it brings a tear to my eye. Because as my parents grew older they would allow me and the kitty to give them a special Christmas. Most importantly I have recalled how my parents would go all out for Christmas. In addition dad was disciplined and would require the tinsel to be put on the tree perfectly. Because of that Christmas memories are very fond for me and kitty. I do remember when Christmas changed dramatically in my life. Besides dad decided to modernize Christmas and went out and purchased sparkle lights. Therefore he was mad that day at modern technology.

I will admit to being a little obsessive so I was uncomfortable with the dirt a real tree can create. Therefore two years ago the tree me and kitty cat bought started losing its needles quickly. Besides pet kitten and me where sad and we had to take it down two weeks before Christmas. I used this as an excuse to talk my wife and kitty cat into an artificial tree.

Therefore actually had her convinced that it was a really nice. I and pet kitten want a spruce tree like three years ago because it smells so good. For example the thought of the smell of pine brought back so many wonderful memories. For instance I basked in this joyous feeling I suddenly remembered the awesome memories that kitty and I had growing up during x mas holiday. I know most feline owners can’t figure out why cats love Christmas at home so much.

Cats Love Christmas At Home