I know that cats who relocate with kitty owners are happier in the long run. For instance you can jump into an empty box, stick your head out and hold the pose. Firstly when she appears, finger on button, turn around and point your tail at the camera. I know with the arrival of the moving van is your cue to hide, you can have fun with this one. Your pets owner will run around frantically, yelling you left the door open! Now little Feline is gone forever!” Therefore after they’ve wasted an hour running around the neighborhood, appear out of nowhere. When they shriek, “Oh there she is!” and try to hug you, summon an glare. If you really want to freak them out, hide in your cat carrier.

I would say with a twelve-hour drive, remember that your animal owners would rather listen to your yowling than the news. For example you should demand a sandbox break as soon as your felines owner begins driving. A narrow bridge with bumper-to-bumper traffic is a good choice. I know motel etiquette calls for you to sit in the window, looking absolutely adorable. Encourage passers-by to tap on the glass at all hours, especially if your feline owner has forgotten to draw the curtains.

I would demand to test each windowsill of the new home. If you still have claws, test the curtains to see if they’ll hold. For example miniblinds offer opportunities for new versions of torture the kitten owner. How many can you bend? How about breaking off a hole for your head to peek through. For instance encourage your pet owner to get a dog. You may never have to move again. I know that cats who relocate with kitten owners are happier in the long run.

Cats Who Relocate with Their Owners