I know Choosing a Pet Rabbit can seen over whelming at times, but with the correct breeders it’s much easier. In addition many breeder give different answers regarding the preferred gender for a pet rabbit. For example this is compounded by the individual temperament of the rabbit. For instance very often a doe (girl) that is not spayed, can become territorial was she reaches maturity. I know a pet bunny may nip at you when reaching for her or even pet food or water dishes. In addition some petting will eliminate that aggression and when a familiar face does the feeding on a daily basis.

Besides some does we’ve found to be non-aggressive, and yet others can become territorial towards everybody. If you do not plan to breed your rabbit, and you want a doe. It is best to have her spayed to help reduce the chances that may protect her pet cage.

I know bucks (male) generally are not aggressive in a pet PVC bunny cage. In addition when the buck reaches maturity he may start to spray his urine everywhere. For instance he wants to let the whole world know he is ready to mate.

I would not recommend buying a rabbit without first seeing it.  I would not recommend purchasing a rabbit from a parts store. For example it would be in your best interest to find a pet breeder in your area of the breed you want. I know you should visit with that breeder and see the conditions in the barn. Watch the rabbit’s reaction to their animal cage being opened. I know Choosing a Pet Rabbit when done right will immediately bring joy. In addition other pet rabbits will immediately go to the back of the PVC pet cage if they are spooked.


Choosing a Pet Rabbits