I know many pet owners struggle with Correcting Kitty Cat’s Bad Behavior at home. For instance some time or another even the sweetest cat “misbehaves.”. In addition a cat’s bad act is usually quite normal behavior. Therefore screaming at the kitten or physically punishing won’t alter negative behavior. I would say the best way to change undesirable behavior is to eliminate the opportunity. For example you must do it as soon as the feline starts misbehaving. I know distracting a cat away from an act is not very difficult. Best of all a loud, unfamiliar noise will quickly get their attention.

Correcting Kitty Cat's Bad Behavior

In addition some cat owners use a low growling sound, others use the game show buzzer. Therefore keeping the sound low-toned and harsh is important. I would say you want to save high-pitched sounds for feline praise and positive behaviors. Most importantly one way to distract a misbehaving kitty is to give a blast with a spray bottle. I know this works, it has some drawbacks. Firstly you must have the bottle in your hand at the moment the kitten is about to act out.

I would say the best way to extinguish negative behaviors is to remove the opportunity. If your feline obsessively scratches the side of your couch. For example place a loose blanket or hard acrylic panel against it.  If the kitty climbs your curtains, shredding them as they go. I would fold or pin them out of reach unless you are around to stop them. If the kittens have accidents only when you are not home. For instance when you go out, close them in a room with food, water, litter box, scratching post and a couple of kitty toys. I know many feline owners struggle with Correcting Kitty Cat’s Bad Behavior at home.