I know it can be a lot of work to Crate Train Your Puppy at first. It is a cage that is usually made of plastic or PVC. I know wire ones are collapsible and can rust quickly.. For example the plastic crates are lightweight and easy to clean and tend to be the most commonly used. Either can be purchased at a department or a online store. In addition when purchasing a PVC kennel make sure there is enough room for the puppy to stretch rout  I would make sure the crate is big enough for potty training efforts. For instance so the puppy will be able to do business in one end and sleep in the other of the plastic cage.

I know PVC dog crates can also be used for a variety of other things than just potty training. It provides the “den” security that can be traced back to their ancestors. For example it provides a place that is safe and cozy for the puppy. In addition putting the puppy in the cages when there is company or a lot of activity going on. Therefore it saves the canine from all the reprimands from getting in the way.

I would say for potty training your puppy should stay in the canine crate then taken out frequently. Above all else use the same area that she is suppose to do her business in daily. Best of all this can be either outside or on newspapers for those who live in a urban area. For a very new puppy take her out to do her business every half-hour then after 8 weeks every hour. The pet crate will also help puppies learn bladder and bowel control. Therefore Crate Train Your Puppy is a must for new pet owners.