I know to start puppy dog behavior training can be very overwhelming for new pet owners.  For example you’ll first need to figure out exactly why your dog is shy or mad. There are two families of debate on this topic. I would say the current model states that shyness is genetic in dogs. Therefore as always with animal-life behavior, the debate about nature vs. nurture rages on.

I know a mother dog may teach her shy behaviors to pups. In addition check with your vet to make sure there aren’t any medical reasons. Most importantly you’ll want to observe your dog to make sure that it’s not just dog behavior training. I would say perhaps they never really learned how to socialize properly. If this is the case, then you should be able to use some very effective pet behavior training techniques.

For instance the first thing you should do is read as much about your dog. Most importantly its temperament, breed, and any related issues that may be contributing to the shyness. For example make a point of reading up on pet behavior training methods. I would say talk to your vets, other canine owners, local dog clubs and the SPCA to get ideas. Best of all then, take your dog to the puppy vet and have him checked out thoroughly.

I know poor hearing and eyesight can contribute (or even cause) this problem or an ear infection. For this reason make sure that you’ve spayed or neutered your animal. I would say breeding them, unless you are highly trained to do so, won’t help at all. For example with lots of love you’ll be increasing the life span of your pooch in the process. Therefore to start dog behavior training can be very overwhelming for dog owners.

Dog Behavior Training