I know first hand that Dogs Fear of Thunderstorms, can truly affect your canine. For example anxiety in dogs can be caused by any number of things – travel, thunderstorms.  In addition even separation, or they may develop unexplained phobic or neurotic behavior. If you can identify the cause of the anxiety, the best solution to the problem is to remove the cause.

I know this is not always possible, though. For instance if your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety every time you leave the house. I would say some of you work full time outside the home, you’ve got a problem. I suppose you could give up work and stay home with your canine, but sometimes we need to be a little realistic.

For this problem there are a number of things you can do to alleviate your dog’s anxiety when you leave. I know many people have found that playing soothing music while they’re out works wonders on puppies. I know jazz can certainly used to calm my hyperactive puppy down a little, For instance there are many soothing classical and light rock or jazz music might work. Best of all try out whatever you have in your CD collection for starters.

Most importantly another idea is making a tape recording of your voice and playing it while you’re gone. I know a another option is herbal remedies which really do calm your canine. For example this may well assist with your dog’s separation anxiety.

I know dogs are afraid of loud noises – they have an irrational fear of thunderstorms. Therefore they have a fear of fireworks, and any loud noise. I know many pets have, and Dogs Fear of Thunderstorms can be overwhelming for them. For instance you might want to try a thunder shirt for pets.

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