I will say stopping every few steps on a walk to let your puppy pee can be a drag. If your dog is into territory marking, it could be a long stroll.  We believe at Roverpet urine marking is a common and instinctive canine behavior. It typically starts when your pooch reaches sexual maturity—between the age of 6 to 12 months. In addition, males and female dogs mark with urine, but it’s most prevalent in male dogs. Not only is a dog responsible for eliminating waste and balancing electrolytes. It also provides them a way to leave important messages for other canines.


Dogs Keeps Marking Territory


I know it boils down to your communication. Best of all territory marking is usually acceptable on outdoor strolls. I will say it becomes problematic when a puppy starts urinating in the house. In the first place you don’t about this unwanted behavior. Most importantly by puppies urinating they leave behind small traces of their scent. In addition this is to alert other pooches of their presence. In a nutshell, territory urine marking is your dog’s way of saying: “this is mine”. The pheromones in its urine also offer passing dogs’ information about its reproductive status and rank. 

If your veterinarian has already ruled out a medical condition, the following reasons may account for its marking. It’s possible you might notice an uptick in urine marking after you’ve hosted people in your home. Most importantly four-legged friends can trigger a marking response in dogs as they reestablish their territory. The same goes for visiting a new place with your dog. Some dogs will urine mark when visiting a friend’s home, in an attempt to establish security in this unfamiliar setting. In addition radical changes to your dog’s world may increase urine marking, it can rattle our canine.