I know dog obedience PVC crate training starts even before you get your puppy in your home. It starts originally with the person that you purchased the dog from. For example i would ask the breeder what type of training, was provided before your dog came into your care.

I know puppies until the age of 21 days are like infants; they are only able to find Mom, eat, sleep. In addition anything else is pretty much beyond their abilities at this time. Besides the fourth week is crucial to any dog obedience training because this is when your animal becomes more aware. I know any positive or negative experiences that occur during this time will affect your puppy for life.

Therefore puppy dogs can be introduced to PVC crate training while still at the breeder’s. For instance a canine cage, well padded and large enough for the entire litter is required. In addition newspaper is placed around a section floor space, so that the dogs can get used to peeing in the kennel.

I know dog obedience training at this stage of the game is gentle and supportive, and there is no punishment. Most importantly breeders and owners should take this time to play with their puppies. I would work getting them in a group to slowly learn the “Come” command. Best of all by quietly saying the word, and praising heavily when they do respond appropriately.

I know that timing and consistency are key when beginning dog obedience training with your young pups. Besides the trainer should be planning, on a daily basis, when and how to work on these essential skills. I would then perform them at basically the same time every day. I know that Dog Obedience PVC Crate Training must be done early and correctly.