I know PVC Dog Pet Whelping Boxes by Roverpet are awesome. For instance we love to hear about how happy our customers are. I would say we get a lot of great feedback through our Facebook & Twitter accounts. In addition we recently received this bit of praise on our Facebook Page from Paula, a breeder who uses pet whelping pen.

Dog Whelping Boxes

Therefore these Roverpet dog whelping boxes are made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC which is second to none. In addition no tools or glue is required to assemble the canine whelping box. Firstly the weaning pen supplies will not rust, rot, peel, flake or hold odor. I know they come standard with  3/4″ spacing between vertical bars. For instance no tools are required to assemble the dog weaning pen.

Dog Whelping Boxes

I have been raising show boxers for 38 years, most of which using this product for whelping and potty training. It is absolutely THE BEST product for canine whelping, and I’ve tried just about everything. Easy to clean, easy to configure, easy to teach puppy training if configured correctly. Please see many photos of it in use over the years on my web site at  Contact me if you need any help with configuration questions. Paula V.
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Thank you Paula for telling us how much you’ve loved Roverpet PVC puppy whelping boxes and puppy pens! Best of all we love to hear that our pet products are appreciated. I know that our customers are spreading the word about how much they love their roverpet products.

If you love your Roverpet dog products and want to tell us about it. Above all else please mention it to us on Facebook or Twitter. For that reason who knows, it may even end up on our pet blog!