I know most pet owners struggle with their Puppy Dog Won’t Stop Digging. Firstly when it comes to the canine thought process. I would say this could be the reason why the pet keeps tearing up your groomed lawn. First and foremost as an pooch owner don’t go placing blame on your puppy dog until you are sure. I would say it’s a good indicator to see if the pet has been eating dirt. In this case consult a veterinarian because there are all kinds of nasty bacteria in dirt. Another full proof method to find out if your animal is the culprit is to stake out and catch it in the act.

Puppy Dog Won't Stop Digging

For instance once you have assessed that it is your dog doing the digging then you need to find out why. It is instinctual for canines to dig for a number of reasons: boredom, loneliness, animals in the yard, or just for fun. If it is an animal causing the problem then you should call an exterminator or animal control to handle the matter.

I know building a dog house or adding a pet door can give the animal the comfort level it needs.  If your puppy dog is digging out of boredom try giving it a tasty alternative such as a rawhide bone. For example it is a common misconception that puppy dogs bury their pet bones. Above all else if they are digging for a bone it is because they can’t remember where they left. I would say give them the puppy treats where they can find them easily. If pet toys and puppy chews don’t work then try exercising your animal more often throughout the day. I know most canine owners struggle with their Puppy Dog Won’t Stop Digging in the back yard.