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Roverpet PVC Caster Wheel Clip for pet cages is used to lock in place our non locking or locking caster wheel. This wheel clip is made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC.

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  • The Caster Wheel Clip for pet cages are used to lock in place our caster wheel.
  • Above all else the plastic sturdy dog cages are available in gloss white.
  • In addition the durable puppy cage are easy to clean up with soap and water.
  • For example this pet cage caster wheel clip design has a easy on / off robust system.
  • Most importantly the durable dog crate caster clip is designed for low profile grooming tables.
  • This plastic canine cage casters wheel clip features a rust resistant design
  • For instance these puppy crate caster clip work best with larger dog enclosures.


Caster Wheel Clip


  • Emphasis on easy and quick installation for dog cage, all instructions are included.
  • For example the PVC Caster Wheel Clip can lock conveniently to keep your crate in one position.
  • They are designed to fit most pet crate caster wheels by attaching on top.
  • Best of all the pets crate casters wheel clip provides portability and ease of movement when needed.
  • We suggests that you use four casters on puppy crates 48″ or shorter
  • I would say on pet crates 49″ or longer six casters maybe necessary in order to support the weight.
  • For instance each canine kennels caster wheel swivels and locks which comes in handy when on an incline


  • This plastic clip will keep the canine crates moving smoothly and firmly.
  • The designed dog kennel Caster Wheel Clips are easily removed when needed (without tools).
  • Best of all the Roverpet pet products are made in the USA.
  • For instance our pet canine crate plastic hardware will to help ensure a sturdy fit.
  • Emphasis on easy to install dog kennels for years of reliability.
  • In addition these Caster Wheel Clips are made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC.
  • Items Included:               #CWC
  • (1) PVC flat stock clip


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 7 in

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