Cat Bed Furry Pad Replacement (Model #HRP)


Roverpet cozy Replacement Cat Bed Furry Pad will provide that extra soft comfort. Our replacement furry pads install quickly, they slide over the bars for a proper fit. 😺                                      Size: 15″ wide x 19″ long


Roverpet Durable Replacement Kitty Cat Bed Hammock Cot Cozy Furry Pad will provide that soft comfort for your pet kitten felines.

  • I know the indoor washable kitten comfy bed fabric furry pad is easy to clean with soap & water (air dry only)
  • For instance the indoor sturdy comfy cat trees are patented.
  • In addition the raised indoor kitty tree pads are stain-resistant and pets will enjoy.
  • Emphasis on being 100% machine-washable elevated indoor feline hammock can allow years of usage.
  • The Roverpet feline tree pad is constructed from ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin.
  • In addition the indoor tall cat tower will help keep kittens cool in the summer & warm in the winter.
  • For example the comfy kitten hammock pad assembles quickly & they are great for travel.
  • Size: 15″ wide x 19″ long


Cat Bed Furry Pad


  • In addition the indoor tall cat towers are made with a odor-resistant & easy-to-clean fabric.
  • For instance the indoor raised kitten hammock pad is shelter approved.
  • Most importantly the USA Made cozy kitten tower pad will offer hours of enjoyment to you pet.
  • For example the cozy tall feline tower pad is warm & sturdy.
  • Above all else our replacement indoor tall cat tree furry pad install quickly, they slide over the bars for a proper fit.


  • The Roverpet durable Cat Bed Furry Pad features a ultra-soft synthetic fur constructed from high-quality material that’s built to last.
  • Most importantly for added durability, and perfect for feline crate use, or as a indoor raised cat tree.
  • I can say the Roverpet indoor raised feline towers are ideal for older cats, giving them the true comfort.
  • For example cats love having a warm spot to sit, and this modern indoor cat bed pad is the perfect
  • For instance the replacement warm feline bed fabric cover is hand sewn making it stronger and durable.


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