Cat Cage Double Door (Model #CDD30)


Roverpet sealed Cat Cage Double Door opens easily for controlled access. All Roverpet sealed cat cages crate double doors are sealed from the factory for years of service.  😺                         Size: 30″ high x 24″ wide


Roverpet PVC Indoor Durable Kitty Cat Cage Condo Double Tree Door opens easily for controlled access to your pet crate kennels.

  • For example the sealed kitty cage kennel double doors are lightweight and durable.
  • Roverpet sealed indoor durable cat condos are made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.
  • Emphasis on easy to clean sealed plastic indoor kitty crate with soap & water.
  • For instance the water repellent replacement indoor plastic kitty condos sealed door is durable.
  • Most importantly the sealed feline kennels are made with a odor-resistant & easy-to-clean plastic.
  • In addition the sealed indoor plastic feline condo is quick and easily cleaned in the event your feline has an accident.
  • For example the replacement plastic indoor kitten condo is handmade making it stronger & durable.
  • Size: 30″ high x 24″ wide


Roverpet Cat Cage Double Door


  • In addition our sealed Cat Cage Double Tree Doors open easily and securely with our simple two-finger locking mechanism.
  • For instance the sealed PVC indoor feline enclosure have a rust proof construction that is heavy duty.
  • For example the PVC clips & alignment pins help to keep the kitty enclosure double door in place.
  • Most importantly the plastic kitten products are made in the USA.
  • Your kitty will be the king of his/her very own castle with the use of a sealed PVC indoor kitten kennel.


  • In addition the indoor modular feline enclosure will help make sure your pets stay safe.
  • The Cat Cage Double Doors are sealed from the factory for years of service.
  • Most importantly the sealed PVC durable feline cage can assemble quickly and installation is a breeze.
  • Above all else the sealed plastic durable feline condo is available online.
  • Best of all the plastic sealed kitten kennels are durable and safe for your feline.


  • Items Included:                #CDD30
  • (1) 30″ high  sealed PVC cat cage double door.


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