Cat Cage Single Door Insert (Model #CD24I)


Roverpet sealed Cat Cage Single Door Replacement Insert opens easily for controlled access. All Roverpet cat condo door inserts are sealed from the factory for years of service.  😺  Size: 16″ high x 18″ wide


Roverpet Indoor Sturdy Modular PVC Kitty Cat Cage Condo Single Door Durable Insert are a great item for your pet kitten crate kennels.

  • In addition the modular PVC indoor feline kitten cage crate door inserts are sealed from the factory for years of service.
  • Our paw friendly sealed indoor plastic feline crate design has no gaps or pinch points.
  • Pet owners will be happy with being able to access the interior of the Hypoallergenic plastic indoor feline condo.
  • Our sealed indoor modular kitten enclosure attaches securely with our sturdy polypropylene pins.


Cat Cage Single Door Insert


  • For instance the sealed PVC Kitty Cat Cage Single Door Insert has a rust proof construction that is heavy duty.
  • In addition the plastic indoor kitten crate door insert alignment pins help to keep them in place.
  • Emphasis on easy to clean Hypoallergenic sealed indoor plastic kitty condo with soap & water.
  • I would say the hypoallergenic large feline enclosure doesn’t sustain fleas or mites.
  • Size: 16″ high x 18″ wide


  • Above all else the water repellent replacement sealed PVC Cat Kitty Cage Single Door Inserts are durable.
  • Most importantly the sealed tall modular kitten condos are made with a odor-resistant & easy-to-clean plastic.
  • In addition the Hypoallergenic sealed indoor plastic kitten kennel is easily cleaned in the event your feline has an accident.
  • For example the replacement sealed tall indoor kitty kennel is handmade making it stronger.
  • Best of all the Hypoallergenic Roverpet sealed PVC durable cat enclosures are made in the USA.


  • Most importantly the PVC sealed kitty Cat Cage Single Door Inserts will make sure your felines stay safe.
  • In addition the Hypoallergenic sealed tall durable kitten crates are available in gloss white.


  • Items Included:                    #CD24I
  • (1)  16″ high sealed PVC kitty crate sturdy single door insert
  • #DTP top hinge pin #DBP bottom hinge pin not included


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