Dog Gate Wall Clasp (Model #450)


Roverpet PVC Dog Gate Wall Clasp – 🐕️  (long) is used for mounting our cat and dog gates to a doorway or wall. This system allows you the flexibility of moving our cat and dog gate from one location to another by simply attaching our mounts to multiple locations.            Size: 2 1/8″ long


Roverpet Indoor Durable Portable PVC Dog Gate Wall Clasp(long) is used for mounting our pet kitty cats and puppy canine barrier gates.

  • I will say the Roverpet mounting system allows you the flexibility of moving our indoor canine pooch barrier gates.
  • In addition you can move the tall puppy barrier from one location to another by simply attaching our mounts.
  • Emphasis on easy to install the plastic tall canine gate only requires the use of a screw driver.
  • I can say the durable plastic indoor canine gate hardware will to help ensure a sturdy fit.
  • Best of all the PVC indoor pet gate hardware is designed for maximum portability.


Dog Gate Wall Clasp


  • Most importantly our plastic durable puppy barrier mounting hardware includes latches and screws.
  • For example the pet puppy Dog Gate Wall Clasp has maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Roverpet plastic indoor pooch gate mounting hardware is made to provide additional security for years to come.
  • In addition this clasp design will allow the flexibility to swing the plastic indoor pet gates open and close easily.
  • Roverpet PVC kitty cat gate design, with countersunk and symmetrical screw holes allows for quick and easy installation.



  • Roverpet puppy Dog Gates Wall Clasp heavy duty latches offer an easy solution to keep your pet cats safe.
  • For instance with smooth latching action the durable indoor canine gate design these hardware clasp offer sturdy mount.
  • Buy with confidence as we are always here to provide you with reliable customer service
  • In addition the canine Dog Gates Wall Clasp is made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC.
  • For instance the sturdy plastic kitty gates are available online.
  • In addition, these plastic indoor pooch barriers are very durable & portable for any modern home.


  • Items Included:               #450
  • (1) PVC Wall Clasp (long)           2 1/8″
  • (2) black wood screws

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