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Indoor Small Dog Pens (Model #3024DS)


Roverpet PVC Indoor Small Dog Crate Cage Pens are designed for temporary containment, ideal for home. Built with room to exercise for the new puppy.  🐶    (This product is not designed for assertive or aggressive dogs)                     Size: 30″ high x 2′ wide x 4′ long


Roverpet Modular Indoor Small Canine Dog Plastic Pen Kennel Crates are durable by design for temporary containment for your puppy pets.

  • For example the portable small indoor plastic pet pooch enclosure condo pen allows easy & controlled access for your puppy.
  • Roverpet modular plastic pooch kennel has built in room to exercise the new puppy.
  • Emphasis on easy to clean tall indoor pet kennel with soap & water.
  • Best of all the Hypoallergenic modular puppy kennel is safe for your pets.
  • Optional: Puppy Dog X Pen Fabric Cover can be purchased.
  • In addition this Indoors Small Canine Dogs Pen can be used both in your home & away.
  • Most importantly the tall durable pooch crate will help protect your pet from the elements.
  • Roverpet canine crate plastic door swings freely or locks for containment.
  • Size: 30″ high x 2′ wide x 4′ long


Indoor Small Dog Pens



  • Best of all the PVC Indoor Small Canine Dog Pens are heavy duty but lightweight & modular.
  • Roverpet indoor sturdy puppy crates are perfect for those pets who like their own sleeping compartment.
  • Most importantly the Hypoallergenic PVC indoor canine cages are made in the USA.
  • For example our plastic dog exercise pen with door gives you easy access to your pet.
  • The Indoors Small Dogs Pen is a great solution for pet parents who want to give their canine freedom to play.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 in

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