Mobile Pets Whelping Boxes (Model #48DDPP)


Roverpet PVC Mobile Pets Whelping Boxes pen crate unit puts puppies at ideal height for monitoring and socializing. 🐕️ (Space saving two unit)                                             Size: 51″ high x 48″ long x 24″ wide


Roverpet Indoor Durable PVC Mobile Pets Dog Whelping Pen Boxes unit puts weaning puppy canines at ideal height for monitoring and socializing.

  • (Space saving two unit)
  • For instance the plastic canine whelping pen is safe for your dogs.
  • The Roverpet mobile puppy dog whelping box units come recommended by veterinarians.
  • Inside measurements of each unit: 24″ wide x 48″ long x 24″ high


Mobile Pets Whelping Boxes


  • In addition the PVC Mobile Pets Whelping Boxes are ideal for breeders, home use & dog kennels.
  • The plastic dog weaning pen has 3/4″ spacing between vertical bars.
  • Above all else the dog cage PVC panels interlocking design makes assembly quick & easy.
  • Roverpet indoor plastic dog crates create a warm place for your canine to sleep.
  • Best of all this indoor plastic puppy kennel can be used in your home.
  • Most importantly the plastic indoor canine crate will help protect your pooch from the elements.
  • In addition our PVC indoor dog crate door swings freely or locks for containment.
  • Best of all the indoor modular puppy crates are made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.



  • The indoor plastic canine kennel that can be moved thru the home.
  • Best of all it only takes seconds to convert one large plastic dog kennel into to a room divider.
  • In addition the canine Mobile Pet Whelping Box is easy to clean with soap and water.
  • For example the indoor puppy weaning pens are available online.
  • Best of all this sturdy plastic canine whelping pen is portable & modular.
  • Above all else the puppy canine crate can assemble/disassemble quickly without the use of tools.
  • Overall Size: 51″ high x 48″ long x 24″ wide puppy whelping box.
  • Most importantly the sturdy Mobile Pet Whelping Box have that modern look.
  • For instance the mobile Bulldog Puppy Whelping Box is made in America.

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