Outdoor Dog Pen Cover (Model #44CSC)


Give your dog the extra protection they need and deserve. Roverpet durable Outdoor Dog Pen Cover is made of textilene ®. Sunsure breathable vinyl coated fabric.  🐶                                Size: 4′ wide x 4′ long


Roverpet Outdoor Dog Pen Cover for pet crates is made of textilene ®. Sunsure vinyl coated fabric.

  • Best of all the dog kennels covers are made with a odor-resistant and easy-to-clean fabric.
  • In addition the Roverpet pooch cage fabric top has quick and easy cleaning in the event of a accident.
  • For instance the breathable replacement fabric cover is compatible with outdoor dog crates.
  • Above all else the pet crate fabric cover is hand sewn making it stronger.


Outdoor Dog X Pen Cover


  • Emphasis on our Outdoor Dog Pen Cover will help provide security, and shade.
  • For example are pet cage covers are excellent for allowing your dog to have some alone time.
  • In addition the x pen cover is made of Sunsure Breathable Vinyl Coated Fabric.
  • For instance this dog cage fabric cover has a unique designed to fully open on all sides.
  • Best of all the pet enclosure fabric mesh design top it gives your dog a well ventilated environment.
  • Size: 4′ wide x 4′ long


  • For example the high quality dog kennel fabric cover and great customer service is our first aim.
  • Please give us a chance to create a peaceful and relaxing space for your dog.
  • Above all else the puppy crates fabric top can provide a comfortable, warmer environment for your dog.
  • Best of all the Roverpet Outdoor Dog Pen Covers will help keep pets more comfortable.
  • Most importantly the Roverpet pet products are made in the USA.
  • Your friend will be the king of his/her very own pooch crate with a pet kennel cover.
  • Roverpet canine crate fabric cover will make sure your pets stay fresh.
  • For instance the Outdoor Dog Pen Covers are guaranteed not to rot, or peel.


  • Items Included:                 #44CSC
  • (4) #250 PVC divider connector clips
  • (1) Textilene ® Sunsure Breathable Vinyl Coated Fabric Cover


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