Partition For Cat Cages (Model #P22)


Roverpet PVC Partition For Cat Cages are easy to install and simply clip to the bottom of our kitty cages for added rigidity.  😺                  Size: 2′ wide x 2′ long 


Roverpet Durable Modular PVC Partition For Kitty Cat Condo Cages is a great addition to any indoor pet feline kennel crate cattery.


Partition For Cat Cages



  • Most importantly the sealed plastic Partition For Kitty Cat Cage keep your felines elevated & clean.
  • I will say the partitions protects pets from bacteria waste and other messes, it has a efficient design.
  • They are designed to hold the weight of the kitty that will fit in the indoor plastic feline kennel.
  • For instance the sealed PVC Partition For Cat Cage help relieve stress by keeping them safe.


  • Items Included:                        #P22
  • (1) PVC sealed 1/16″ thick flat stock feline condo kennel partition
  • (8) PVC #250 floor/ shelf kitten crate clips


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