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Pet Cage Metal Ground Stake (Model #400S)


Roverpet sturdy  (6″ long)  Pet Cage Ground Metal Stake is used to anchor the ground strap clip for that outside usage of a Roverpet PVC puppy pen. 🐶


Roverpet Durable Sturdy Pet Cage Metal Ground Stake is used to anchor the ground strap clip for outdoor puppy dog enclosure pen crate usage.

  • I can say this is a essential tool for securely anchoring a outdoor PVC canine dog cage to the ground
  • Roverpet ground stakes are used to fasten the bottom of an outdoor puppy dog crate to the ground using the clips.
  • In addition the metal stakes are necessary for outdoor puppy dog crates containment.
  • Most importantly unless you stake the bottom of a outdoor canine dogs enclosures to the ground animals can push.
  • I know the Roverpet replacement parts are used to help provide support for all your enclosure needs.


Pet Cage Metal Ground Stake


  • In addition Pet Cage Metal Ground Stakes are essential for nearly all puppy enclosure outdoor uses.
  • For instance sturdy pet pooch crate ground stake installation can be accomplished by using a 3 lb. hammer.
  • If you’re driving stakes into a rocky area, try driving the stake on an angle instead of straight down.
  • We also supply heavy duty galvanized fence stakes, which are used to attach the outdoor puppy dog crate while camping. 
  • In addition the metal stakes will grab the PVC puppy dog crate clip & secure it to the ground.
  • For example if a outdoor canine pooch cage is set up in the backyard, you must secure it or the pet will walk it.



  • Items Included:                 #400S
  • (1) 6″ long Pet Cage Metal Ground Stake


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