Puppy Rail PVC Leg (Model #PR60LG)


Roverpet tubular Puppy Rail PVC Leg / Pig Rail is 6″ long. This Roverpet puppy rail leg is made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC. 🐕


Roverpet Modular Durable Tubular Puppy Dog Rail PVC Leg  / Pig Rail 6″ long for pet canine whelping pen crate box.

  • In addition the PVC pet pooch condo kennel weaning pen pig rail legs should be up higher than puppies until they are 3 weeks of age.
  • They fit snugly and securely inside the plastic pooch play pen pig rails which reduces the risk of harm.
  • In addition the plastic indoor dog crate rail legs are used to protect the puppies.
  • Roverpet indoor canine pet crates are available online.
  • For instance when puppies are of sufficient size, plastic indoor dog crates rails can be removed.
  • Size:  6″ in length


Puppy Rail PVC Leg


  • I can say the Puppy Rail Legs whelping pen assemblies are made from PVC.
  • Above all else multiple size “legs” allows the breeder to vary the rail height to dog breed size.
  • In addition the PVC pet canine crate pig rail legs help keep the canine from being smashed between its mother dog & the sides.
  • Roverpet pooch whelping kennels system will help prevent canine from laying or stepping on the puppies.
  • For example newborn puppies are vulnerable to being smothered, plastic indoor pet crate pig rail legs help prevent this.
  • (No Tools or Glue Needed to Assemble)


  • Roverpet Puppy Rail PVC Leg is made out of heavy duty industrial strength.
  • They add overall stability to the PVC pet whelping box and will making birthing easier on the canine.
  • For instance the Puppy Rails PVC Legs, is placed just on the floor to protect them from being suffocated.
  • Best of all the puppies will stay in a safe & warm when using canine dog whelping cage system.
  • Above all else the plastic indoor pet enclosures are made in the USA.


  • Items Included:                #PR60LG
  • (1)  6″ long  SCH125 PVC canine crate rail leg.


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