Puppy Rail Support Arm (Model #PRS66)


Roverpet PVC Puppy Rail Support Arm is used to secure and support 72″ cross bars in a puppy rail system. This support arm gives the birthing female additional support and comfort during her time in the canina whelping box. 🐕️


Roverpet Puppy Dog Rail Support Arm is used to secure and support 72″ long PVC pet canine whelping box pen crate cross bars.

  • For instance the durable connectors can be used to secure the PVC pet pooch whelping pen boxes.
  • Roverpet indoor plastic canine crate system is designed to help keep your pets safe.
  • Each connector can be used in conjunction with the existing PVC Labrador Whelping Box.
  • In addition we take pride in our ability to manufacture plastic canine enclosures to the highest quality standards


Puppy Rail Support Arm


  • For instance over the years we have developed many plastic indoor pooch crate connectors that we offer.
  • In addition the PVC Puppy Dog Rail Support Arms provide easy passage.
  • Roverpet pig rail arm support is designed for indoor plastic pooch kennels.
  • For example the Dalmatian Puppy Whelping Box connectors are constructed of PVC for flexibility.
  • Above all else we take pride in our ability to manufacture top notch canine products.


  • In addition the dog crates have a non-porous surface which allows easy cleaning and prevents the buildup of bacteria.
  • For instance the heavy duty construction of the Bulldog Puppy Whelping Box connector means it will not rust.
  • Roverpet plastic canine pet kennels are safe for your pets
  • Most importantly the indoor plastic pooch crates arm support assembles quickly without the use of tools.
  • Roverpet Puppy Dog Rail Support Arms whelping box is made out of heavy duty PVC.
  • For instance modular plastic dog crate installation is simple and quick.
  • Best of all the indoor plastic dog cage pig rail support arm are available now.
  • For example the Roverpet PVC indoor pooch canine kennels are made in the USA.
  • Emphasis is on made to fit securely within the plastic canine weaning pen.
  • Items Included:                     #PRS66
  • (2) PVC Puppy Dog Pen Rail Sturdy Support Arm


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