PVC Grate Support Bar : #GSB4 for our 2′ x 4′ pet cages


Roverpet durable PVC Grate Support Bars ensure that the grate fits snug and stays secure in our pet cages. Recommended by professional breeders and kennels world wide.                                                       Size: 4′ in length


  • The PVC Grate Support Bar ensure that the grate fits snug our 2′ wide x 4′ long pet cage.
  • In addition the plastic puppy playpen grate support bars are lightweight.
  • The puppy crate support bar grate is recommended by breeders and dog kennels.
  • You can easily install the dog crate grate support bars in just minutes.
  • For instance the dog cages grate support bars are lightweight and durable.
  • The dog crates are made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.
  • Most importantly the Roverpet pet kennels grates support bar is made in the USA.
  • Size: 4′ length


PVC Grate Support Bar


  • For instance the PVC Grate Support Bar can assemble quickly without the use of tools.
  • Our pet owners will be happy with being able to keep the puppy warm and dry using canine kennels.
  • The pooch kennels are quick and easy cleaning in the event your canine pal has an accident.
  • In addition our paw friendly canine cage grate support system design has no gaps or pinch points.
  • The modular cages grates are made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.
  • Most importantly the puppy cage grates are made with a odor-resistant plastic.


  • This PVC Grates Support Bar also prevents your pup from being exposed to mold and mildew.
  • Best of all the pet dog cage grate support bar is handmade making it stronger.
  • In addition the plastic pet crate grates support bar is durable.
  • Above all else the canine crates grate support bars are available in white.
  • For example the plastic canine cages are safe for your puppy dogs.
  • Most importantly with this system it will keep the grate 2″ off the ground or floor.
  • For instance the PVC Grates Support Bar is ideal for groomers, home use, and veterinarians.
  • Items Included:             #GSB4
  • (1)  48″ long PVC tubular grate support bar


Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 11 × 49 in

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