Small Puppy Keepers for Whelping Box: #24DPK10 – 10″ x 154″


The Roverpet comfy Small Puppy Keepers will offer additional safety to your puppy’s and will also help them avoid those accidents out side the Roverpet puppy pens.                                                                   Size: 10″ high x 154″ long 



I know the Roverpet whelping supplies for Small Puppy Keepers will offer additional safety to your puppies.                                                                                            Therefore they will also help avoid those accidents out side the puppy dog pen.
For instance the x pen covers are made from textilene ®. Sunsure breathable vinyl coated fabric.                                                                                                                Most importantly the small weaning puppy keepers are wind-resistant and water-proof.  For example this dog whelping system has a unique designed to fully enclose on all sides.                                                                                                                          Above all else high quality pet products and great customer service is our first aim.      This size fits a 2′ wide x 4′ long 

Firstly we have created a puppy dog whelping box with relaxing space for your canine.                                                                                                                                I know this pet birthing system can provide a warm environment for your puppies to sleep in.                                                                                                                          For example this canine whelping system easily attaches and detaches to the best whelping boxes within a few minutes.                                                                                For instance the dog whelping pen is safe for your puppy dogs.                          Besides this PVC whelping boxes keepers are recommended by puppy breeders.    Total length of fabric 154″ & attaches w/ Velcro 10″ high.

Therefore our small weaning puppy keepers are portable and modular.                          Above all else our PVC whelping box accessories are designed to help protect the litter.                                                                                                                        Because the pet whelping accessory will help reduces the danger of puppies could face.                                                                                                                                For instance we produce the best whelping box for dogs in America.                            I know whelping puppies is a snap with the Roverpet puppy weaning pen keeper.        Most importantly the dog whelping box is perfect for those female dogs that are expecting.                                                                                                             Emphasis is on easy to clean puppy whelping boxes with just soap and water.             Items Included:               #24DPK10 
(1) Puppy Pet Whelping Box Tall Keeper 154″ long.                                                  Firstly the Small Puppy Keepers can reduce the risk of possible suffocation.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 11 in

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