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The Roverpet Urine Splash Guard PVC Clip which mounts easily for quick access. This splash guard clip is part of a product that will help reduce spraying.

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I know the Urine Splash Guard PVC Clips mount easily for quick access.
Firstly this clip attaches to the bar pipe on a Roverpet dog cage.      In addition our PVC product will help protect your rabbit or small animal from placing messes outside the pet cage.                             For instance they are designed to attach to your indoor rabbits favorite corner of the plastic cage.                                                    Besides these highly versatile plastic urine guard clips are 2″ long, with molded design for secure attachment.                                             Most importantly these premium plastic pet cage urine guard clips are hardy and practical.                                                                        Above all else it includes notches to easily secure the plastic urine clip to the side of the pet cage.                                                                 For example this is designed for PVC small animal cages to help keep bedding and other messes in pet cage.

I know our PVC urine guard clip easily attaches to pet cages to help prevent splatter.                                                                              Firstly our plastic pet urine clip will not rust, rot, flake, or splinter.   Therefore with options for dogs, cats, rabbits our clip accessory makes it easy to care for your pet.                                                               Most importantly no tools are required to install this dog urine splash guard plastic clip.                                                                                For example it will help prevent urine from spraying out the back of the indoor plastic pet crate.

I know the Roverpet Urine Splash Guard PVC Clip is made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Plastic.
Emphasis on lightweight but extremely durable.
Since they are attractive and very safe for your indoor pets.
For instance they are available in white, which has that modern feel and look.
Besides they have easy installation.                                                 Best of all the Roverpet pet products  are made in the USA.          Items included:         #USG7C                                                            (1)  PVC urine splash guard clip.

The 7″ high flat stock 1/8″ thick PVC is not included.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 7 in

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