Urines Splash Guard Clip : #USG7C – USA Made


Roverpet PVC Urine Splash Guard Clip mounts easily for quick access. This clip attaches to the bar pipe on a Roverpet pet cage. Installation can be completed in just a few short minutes.

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  • The Urines Splash Guard Clip mounts easily for quick access.
  • Emphasis on easy to clean plastic kitty condo clip with soap and water.
  • This clip attaches to the bar pipe on a plastic pet cages.
  • In addition our pet product will help protect your animal from placing messes outside the pet cage.
  • The plastic pet kennel installation can be completed in just a few short minutes
  • For instance they are designed to attach to your indoor rabbits favorite corner of the pets cage.


Urines Splash Guard Clip


  • For example the versatile Urines Splash Guard Clip are 2″ long, with molded design for secure attachment.
  • Most importantly these premium plastic pet crate urine guard connectors are hardy.
  • In addition it includes notches to easily secure the plastic pet urine clip to the side of the cat cage.
  • For instance this is designed for PVC animal cages to help keep bedding and other messes in pets cages.


  • Above all else our kitty Urine Splash Guard Clip easily attaches to plastic pet crates to help prevent splatter.
  • Our sturdy plastic pet cage urine clip will not rust, rot, or splinter.
  • With options for felines, cats, rabbits our pets crates clip accessory makes it easy to care for your pet.
  • Most importantly no tools are required to install this dog crate urine splash guard plastic connector.
  • It will help prevent urine from spraying out the back of the indoor plastic cat crate.


  • In addition the kitty Urine Splash Guard Clip is made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.
  • For instance the plastic kitty cat crates connectors are available in white.
  • Best of all the Roverpet durable pet products are made in the USA.
  • Items Included:                 #USG7C
  • (1)  PVC pet urine splash guard clip  2″ long.
  • The 7″ high flat stock 1/8″ thick PVC is not included.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 7 in

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