Large Puppy Keeper Whelping Box (Model #46DPK10)


The Roverpet whelping box Large Puppy Keeper will offer additional safety to your puppy’s and will also help them avoid those accidents out side the Roverpet PVC puppy dog pens.  🐶      Size: 10″ high x 256″ long


Roverpet durable whelping box Large Puppy Dog Fabric Keeper will offer additional safety to your pet canine weaning crate kennel.

  • For instance the canine pet weaning enclosure cage pen keepers are made from Textilene ®. Sunsure breathable vinyl coated fabric.
  • Most importantly the indoor pooch weaning pen durable fabric is 10″ high & water-proof.
  • For example this Labrador Puppy Whelping Box has a unique designed to fully enclose on all sides.
  • Above all else high quality plastic indoor pet kennels & great customer service is our first aim.
  • This size fits a: 4′ wide x 6′ long 


Large Puppy Whelping Box Keeper


  • The plastic Great Dane Whelping Box is a peaceful and relaxing space for your dog.
  • In addition this Dalmatian Puppy Whelping Box fabric keeper can provide a warmer environment for your puppies.
  • For instance this puppy canine whelping system easily attaches & detaches within minutes.
  • I will say the Golden Retriever Whelping Box fabric pet keeper is recommended by veterinarians.
  • Total length of fabric 256″ & attaches w/ Velcro 10″ high



  • Items Included:              #46DPK10
  • (1) Roverpet Tall Pet Whelping Box Large Puppy Keeper fabric is 256″ long.
  • The Puppy Crate Keeper can reduce the risk of possible suffocation.


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