Whelping Boxes Cross Bar: #PR48CB -for Puppy Rails 48″ long


Roverpet sturdy Whelping Boxes PVC Cross Bar Tubular  for a puppy rail 48″ long. This pig rail cross bar is made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC.

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The Roverpet sturdy Whelping Boxes Tubular PVC Cross Bar for puppy rails in 48″ long.                                                                                                                           Firstly while providing support, our whelping pen pig rails won’t obscure the canines view of her puppies.                                                                                                          In addition no tools or glue is required to assemble the puppy whelping boxes.            Since the plastic whelping pen cross bar will not rust, rot, peel, splinter.          Emphasis on easy to clean weaning pen with soap and water.                                        For example the horizontal whelping kennels pig rail cross bar comes in  3/4″ SCH40. Size: 48″ in length

Above all else the dog whelping boxes are safe for your pets.                            Therefore our pet whelping boxes are perfect for those canines that are expecting a litter.                                                                                                                                    In addition it’s designed to quickly attach to the puppy whelping box and provide relaxed feeding area for a canine.                                                                                    For instance the dog crates come recommended by veterinarians and breeders .          Therefore our Labrador whelping box pig rail cross bar are portable.                            Since our high quality Great Dane whelping pen cross bar is designed to protect the litter.                                                                                                                               (No Tools or Glue Needed to Assemble)

Besides the ultimate whelping box cross bars are durable.                                        Most importantly the Pet Whelping Box Cross Bar is made out of heavy duty industrial strength PVC.                                                                                                             Above all else the plastic sturdy canine whelping box is available in white.                    For instance the Roverpet dog kennels are made in the USA.                                         In addition this dog crate pig rail cross bar contains no wood, metal, porous or painted surfaces that retain contamination.                                                                      Therefore while assembled, the plastic puppy rail cross bar can be wiped clean and disinfected.                                                                                                                 Firstly the pet crate pig rails are supported by legs requiring no hooks or slot joints supports that can endanger puppies.                                                                                   Items Included:                      #PR48CB 
(1)  PVC SCH40 tubular cross bar helps support dog whelping system.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 10 in

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