X Pen Stabilizer Package (Model #46SP)


The X Pen Stabilizer Package is used to provide extra support when attached to our Roverpet 4′ wide x 6′ long dog pens. 🐕                                                                                             (The Value Pack is available for extra savings)


Roverpet X Pens Stabilizer Package for our Roverpet 4′ wide x 6′ long x dog pen stabilizers.

  • For example they will provide that extra support you want in a dog cages.
  • In addition they are then placed on the edge of the top of the panel, where the panels come together.
  • For instance they hold the puppy dog cage panels straight and secure for hours of usage.
  • Roverpet pet crate design offers a security when you are away or busy.
  • Most importantly they are designed to add rigidity and sturdiness to the puppy x pen stabilizers package.


Roverpet X Pen Stabilizer Package


  • In addition they can be quickly removed when it’s time to move the dog crate or put it away,
  • The X Pen Stabilizer Package help to prevent tipping and keeping pups exactly where you left them.
  • Roverpet puppy crates create a place for your dog to rest.
  • For example this dog x pen stabilizers packages can be used both in your home and office.
  • Most importantly the Roverpet pet enclosures are made in the USA.


  • Best of all no tools are required for use, and the beautiful finish matches the pet cage.
  • The X Pen Stabilizer Packages slip over the top of the unit, and are quickly removed
  • Roverpet dog enclosure system is a great choice for homes with restless dogs.
  • In addition the stabilizer can be used to secure canine cages together for your pet kennel, and grooming salon
  • Each stabilizer connector can be used in conjunction with the existing dog crates to link together.
  • For example X Pen Stabilizer Packages are made out heavy duty industrial strength PVC.
  • For instance the Value Pack is available for extra savings.
  • Above all else the canine kennels stabilizers are available in white.


  • Items Included:         #46SP
  • (4) #90 corner stabilizers
  • (6) #180 straight stabilizers


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