Benefits of a canine Elevated Puppy Pet Dog Bed are made in the USA and can be found at Roverpet. You’re looking for a pet bed for your puppy, maybe you have a lap dog that just needs a little place to curl up. Maybe you have a rambunctious puppy who likes to spend lots of time outdoors and you want to provide a comfy place for them. Roverpet Elevated Puppy Pet Dog Beds are perfect for all situations due to the durability in how they are designed. I know the pooch bed has a orthopedic design.

Elevated Dog Bed

The PVC Pet Bed are sturdy and lightweight, making it easy to transport around allowing you to move from outdoor to indoor. Your dog can enjoy the comfort of the complete 360 degree air circulation during the hot summer months. The PVC Pooch Bed provides warmth during the winter. These pet beds are great for pets with longer fur, because the breathable vinyl coating will not cause any matting. This vinyl frame is so easy to care for, it takes only soap and water to wash.

These PVC Pooch Beds can hold up to 250 pounds and come in a variety of sizes for a variety of dogs. It is constructed with the strong yet lightweight PVC . Don’t let the strength of the Elevated Pet Canine Bed fool you. The PVC Pet Beds are easy to assemble needing no tools to put together. The plastic pooch bed can be ready for your pet’s use in moments. Also, because of the complete air circulation, they repel odor and moisture, allowing your dog to rest comfort. Benefits of a Elevated Canine Pet Bed design makes it ideal for older dogs to use. The plastic pet bed is easier for those sweet, older canine dogs.