Most importantly my Italian greyhounds LOVE their Roverpet Elevated Dog Pet Cot. I ‘m getting 2 bigger ones for my retired racing pet greyhounds. For instance they will keep your dog dry and comfortable indoors and out. I know they provides firm, even support no pillow or cushion can match. Emphasis on easy to clean – Guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning’s. For example they have a UV resistant finish on the dog bed covers which resists fading. Most importantly the canine bed assembles in only seconds without glue or tools! I know the elevated pet bed PVC dog bed is very desirable and pleasing to the eye. Besides they are ideal for home or take with you when you travel, lightweight & extremely durable.

I know it will provide a comfortable resting place for your pet that even a pillow or cushion cannot match. In addition keep your puppy dry & comfortable both indoors and out. Besides the molded pooch cot frame won’t rust, rot, mold, flake or peel.

Because it allows for 360 degree air circulation which helps to prevent coat matting and skin irritations. I know the raised large pooch beds is patented and has a orthopedic design. For instance the large pooch bed is veterinarian approved. Besides this PVC large canine bed is shelter approved. For example the pads are made out of Textilene ®. Sunsure vinyl coated fabric and will not hold or sustain fleas & odors.

Emphasis on that these large PVC dog beds can be easily cleaned with soap & water. I know the puppy bed frame is made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC. I’ve tried lots of styles but, these are the BEST Roverpet Elevated Pet Dog Cots ever. Jazz, Flash, Boo and Bullet say, “thank you!” 🙂

Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated Pet Cot

Maureen B.