I know to Find Your Lost Dogs can seems to be almost a lost cause. For instance dogs usually don’t go far. In addition they’re curious animals that like to look and sniff around. It’s more likely for a canine to be a few blocks away than a few miles away. I would say stick close to home for the first part of your search. For example be sure to check all the streets in your neighborhood.

I know talking to other puppy owners you see is a good idea they might have seen your pet. It’s more likely that a dog owner will notice a wandering pet than someone who is not a canine lover. I know your dog can hear you from a great distance. In addition your canine might be in between houses or behind bushes. If you own a dog whistle it can be used to attract your dog’s. It’s time to post lost pet posters, which you can print from our web site. Above all else put posters on your street; post them at the entrance of your neighborhood. I know community mailboxes are also a good place to post your lost puppy poster.

For example people often recognize a lost dog poster when they see one. Although it’s important for your poster to be marked with “LOST DOG.” I would say it could be more important to emphasize your dog’s breed and color. Therefore someone who might have found your pet doesn’t need to know it’s favorite pet toy. For instance name, breed and color are things that someone needs to know when looking for a lost dog. I would provide your contact information on the poster; your phone number and name. Therefore to Find Your Lost Dog will take a little work.

Find Your Lost Dogs