I know many feline owners struggle with how to have Fun With Your Pet Kitten. Therefore as an pet owner of a kitten, it’s not possible to ignore its basic need to hunt. I would say you may have confined your little tiger within a cat cage. For instance provided it with the finest cat food. I know you can easily substitute the live prey with an inanimate cat toy. In addition some kitty owners are startled by the constant need of the kittens to silently ambush feet and ankles. The cat owners inadvertently encourage this trait by playing with the kitty.

Fun With Your Pet Kitten

I know the solution is to direct the cat’s playful but predatory energies toward kitty toys.  I would say you should provide your feline with scheduled sessions of controlled aerobic exercise in a cat kennel. The interactive kitty play sessions should be scheduled for the times of the day in a kitty kennel. Ideally there should be two or three well spaced out sessions during a days in a feline cage. The length of each session depends on how athletic the kitten is with a feline toy.

If you don’t really want to exert yourself, you can use a fishing pole-type kitty toy. The kitten owner can control the cat’s activity level. I know the sessions shouldn’t stop till the kitten is exhausted. For example you should build up the kitten’s confidence and enthusiasm by allowing plenty of “captures”. I know when you’re not around, that your kitten would feel like playing with it’s cat tree. For instance to avoid damage to your furniture, you should leave some pet toys lying around. It’s important to have a variety and interesting kitten toys. I know many animal owners struggle with how to have Fun With Your Pet Kitten.