I will say most pet parents struggle with how to give your feline medicine. Most importantly you want to prepare your beloved pets for life in the big city.  It’s not unheard of to have an uncooperative cat in your house. I have heard that eating everything in their bowl, but their medicine isn’t uncommon. Best of all giving your kitty a pill must be planned out in advance. It has been said by Veterinary Medicine experts you might have to trick your four-legged friend into it. It can help to administer a pill just before mealtime when your kitten is hungry.


Give Your Feline Medicines


For example, kitty veterinary pros have written many papers on this subject. I have heard that local pet veterinarians recommend crushing the pill in food can help mask its taste. I know some medications have a protective coating on the exterior so they can be absorbed easier. For instance, some medications are available in chewable forms that can be crushed also. It’s essential your pet takes their prescribed dosage on time and finishes it. Most importantly cats can sense our stress you must stay calm and be patient.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your kitten veterinarian to show how. Best of all a kitty veterinary nurse can also show you how to. For example, I used to hide crushed pills inside a cat treat as a reward for a job well done. In addition, after taking their medication your kitty deserves some cat nip. I will say some highly-flavored kitten treats can mask many pills nasty tastes. For example, playtime is also a way to reward your kitty. If your cat can’t have treats or isn’t food motivated, try praise. I will say some pet’s parents struggle with how to give your feline medicine.